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Is Fat After Marriage a Sign of Happiness

Have you ever noticed that your friends who are married usually get fatter? Or maybe you also experienced it yourself? Some say that this is a sign of happiness. Is that right? As we get older, weight gain is easier to gain. Generally the increase occurs around 3-4 kg compared to when single. Research shows that the happier a person is after marriage, the greater the chance of gaining weight. Reasons You and Your Fat Couple After Marriage The following reasons are thought to be a factor that increases the risk of being fat after marriage: 1. Don't care anymore about appearance Surveys show that married people no longer feel the need to maintain their best appearance. This is because they already feel comfortable with their partners and no longer feel the need to maintain their appearance to attract the opposite sex. Well, this will also affect the selection of food. Married people will tend to eat at will, and less concerned with the amount of calories or fat in the food c
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Side Effects of Uterus Lift Surgery and How to Manage It

Women with certain diseases may need surgical removal of the uterus. However, the side effects of uterine lifting surgery are not small. Some of these side effects are even dangerous. Let's consider the following review to find out what are the side effects of uterine lift surgery and how to handle it. Uterus lift surgery (hysterectomy) is a medical procedure performed to treat diseases of the female reproductive organs, such as cervical cancer or uterine cancer, uterine fibroids or myoma, endometriosis, genital warts or uterine prolapse, pelvic inflammation, abnormal menstruation. In this procedure, the uterus can be removed in part or in full, depending on how severe the disease is suffered by women. Although surgical removal of the uterus generally has a high effectiveness in dealing with the above disease, it cannot mask the fact that there is still a risk of side effects or complications behind this procedure. Various Side Effects of Uterus Lift Surgery Some of the side

Nose Disease Row that Can Befall You

One of the important functions of the nose is as a respirator. There are various nasal diseases that can interfere with this function, ranging from medical conditions to the effects of accidents. The nose as the main organ supporting the sense of smell also has the function of filtering air that is inhaled from dust, germs and irritation. An equally important function is to warm and moisturize the air that is inhaled, to prevent the lungs and respiratory tract from experiencing dryness. Know Various Nose Diseases One of the most common nasal disorders is congestion due to the flu. Other disorders that can afflict the sense organs of smell, including: Bleeding nose or nose Another common nose disease is nosebleeds. This condition that often causes panic, apparently rarely indicates a serious health problem. Nosebleeds themselves are considered a mild health disorder and are common because there are a lot of blood vessels in the nose. Areas of the nose that are rich in blood